ShanghAI Lecture: creating a global Artificial Intelligence community

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing area that aims to advance the development of intelligent machines. However AI is an extremely wide topic that covers a number of deeply specialised subfields, as well as crossing into other disciplines such as computer science, biology, neuroscience, informatics and philosophy. Consequently,  bringing together the work of AI researchers and students across the globe can be difficult, holding back knowledge sharing and advances in the subject. Research and education internet networks, such as the high-speed ORIENTpus link, are key to novel methods of global knowledge transfer. Sharing video lectures and interactive resources across continents requires seamless network communication.

Without access to high-speed research networks to distribute and stream content this would not be possible.To meet this need, the ShanghAI Lecture series was launched. Led by Professor Rolf Pfeifer of the University of Zurich and first given in 2009, this interactive project aims to make education and knowledge on cutting-edge topics accessible to all by building a global community of students and researchers from across the embodied AI field.

The Challenge

Create a global interactive Artificial Intelligence community for teaching and knowledge sharing across disciplines.

The Solution

The ShanghAI Lecture series uses the power of research networks, such as ORIENTplus and GÉANT, to provide high-quality connections that enable advanced, real-time e-learning in a virtual global lecture hall, using online knowledge transfer tools that allow students and researchers to learn and share together.

Key Benefits

The power of R&E networks, such as ORIENTplus, has been harnessed to make education and knowledge on cutting-edge AI topics accessible to the global community, overcoming the complexity of a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary learning context.

Read the full version of the case study – English version (PDF)*

Read the full version of the case study – Chinese version (PDF)

Home page project: http://shanghailectures.org

*Produced in 2012 during the ORIENTplus project