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European topology map (PDF) Jan 2017

European topology map (JPG) Jan 2017


Global connectivity map (PDF) 

Global connectivity map (JPG) 

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ORIENTplus – Connecting research infrastructures and communities (developed during the ORIENTplus project phase)


ORIENTplus – The value of direct research and education connectivity (developed during the ORIENTplus project phase)



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Case studies

The following case studies were produced during the ORIENTplus project phase (2011-2014).

Faster, deeper, sharper: revolutionising the world of radio-astronomy  

Chinese version

High-speed networking: helping to win the race against severe weather  

Chinese version

High-speed networking: taking global learning to a new level


High-speed networking: creating a global Artificial Intelligence community 

Chinese version

High-speed networking: global collaboration, cosmic results 

Chinese version

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