GÉANT is a fundamental element of Europe’s e-infrastructure, delivering the pan-European GÉANT network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation. Through its integrated catalogue of connectivity, collaboration and identity services, GÉANT provides users with highly reliable, unconstrained access to computing, analysis, storage, applications and other resources, to ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of research.

Through interconnections with its 38 national research and education network (NREN) partners, the GÉANT network is the largest and most advanced R&E network in the world, connecting over 50 million users at 10,000 institutions across Europe and supporting all scientific disciplines. The backbone network operates at speeds of up to 500Gbps and reaches over 100 national networks worldwide.

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View the footprint of the GÉANT backbone here.




CERNET (China Education and Research Network) is the largest national academic internet backbone in China, supported by the Chinese government and directly managed by the Ministry of Education. The network center is located at Tsinghua University.
Today, CERNET has deployed over 30,000 km optical fibre trunks and its DWDM high-speed transport network covers 22,000 km. The CERNET network infrastructure serves universities, institutes, colleges, schools and non-profit organisations across China. It’s backbone connections run at speeds between 10-100Gbps, covering 38 PoPs in 36 cities across China. CERNET currently connects over 2,000 universities and other organisations with more than 30 million end users.

Tsinghua University is also involved in the China Next Generation Internet (CGNI) national project and is collaborating with other 100 universities in deploying CGNI-CERNET2/6IX – the largest IPv6-only internet backbone in the world.

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View CERNET’s IPv4 backbone here.


View the CNGI-CERNET2 (IPv6) topology map here.



CSTNET (China Science and Technology Network) originated in 1989 from the  National Computing and Networking Facility of China (NCFC) and developed from the network of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Today, CSTNET covers 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across China via 13 regional sub-centers, connecting over 1 million researchers and scholars at more than 370 institutions in CAS as well as national organisations such as China Meteorological Administration, China Academy of Forestry, China Earthquake Administration, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Topology map in preparation.

Total traffic exchanged between GÉANT, CERNET and CSTNET over the link currently exceeds 5Gbps per day.